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Jeff (English, Russian)
Email: Jeff@tezfiles.com
ICQ: 632295849
Skype: jeff_k2s
Alex (English, Russian)
Email: alex@tezfiles.com
ICQ: 608159450
Skype: Dave_Keep2Share
Serj (Romanian, English, Russian)
Email: tz-ro@tezfiles.com
ICQ: 677846293
Skype: moneyplatformro
Nicole (English, Russian)
Email: nicole@tezfiles.com
ICQ: 678508900
Skype: elza.nikolskaya
Jabber: Nicole@chatme.im
Yalin (Turkish, English)
Email: turkish-support@tezfiles.com
ICQ: 677846293
Skype: yalin_k2s
Milan (German, Vietnamese, English, Czech/Slovak)
Email: milan@tezfiles.com
ICQ: 9362545
Skype: milank2s
Yahoo: milank2s